Liverpool Land Ski-Trekking

Dogsledge tours in the Scoresby Sund area East Greenland

Liverpool Land Ski-Trekking

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Tour Duration: 8 days / 7 nights in Greenland.


A local guide with his dog team accompanies the group. They pull food, tents and some other equipment, giving you the opportunity to ski with a lighter backpack.

You set up tents in beautiful remote spots, far away from civilization. In Ittoqqortoormiit you stay in the local guest-house. Previous experience of cross- or backcountry skiing is necessary. You have to bring your own touring/backcountry skies. The terrain is comparatively flat with variations of up to 400 m in altitude. You should be capable of skiing moderate terrain up to 25 km a day with a backpack.
After 6 days of skiing, you reach the Inuit community of Ittoqqortoormiit / Scoresbysund (approx. 550 inhabitants), where hunting by dog sled still plays an important role in peoples lives.

Departures: March - May 2018
Flights operated on Mondays and Thursdays

Prices: Please contact for price and availability
Min. 2 persons/ 2 sleds

Included in the price:

- Return flight Reykjavík-Constable Point /via Akureyri
- Greenlandic guide with dogteam who accompanies the group days 1-6
- 3 meals a day while skiing (recommended that you bring some extra snacks)
- 5 nights in tent camping or hunters hut
- 2 nights in double room in guesthouse in Ittoqqortoormiit, self-catering
- Helicopter from Ittoqqortoormiit back to CNP


Day 1:  Arrival at Constable Pynt - Kalkdalen
Your guide and dogs will be waiting for you, when you arrive. You start by having lunch at the airport, before heading off on your journey through Liverpool Land. It will be possible to send luggage you do not wish to have with you on the ski trip by helicopter to Ittoqqortoormiit, where it will await your arrival to the village (not included in packet price).  You will cross Hurry Fjord in the direction of Kalkdalen valley, where you will find a good spot for camping.

Day 2: Kalkdal
Continue through Kalkdal, pass frozen lakes, glaciers and vertical cliffs.  If snow conditions are favorable, and you feel that you could use a little bit of a rest, you can ask your guide/ musher to tie a rope behind the sled and have the dogs pull you for a short while. Lunch brakes will be made each, which mainly consist of hot instant soup, canned tuna/ makrill, bread, biscuits, etc. The last part of the valley will be an easy downhill decent into Horsens Fjord.
Day 3: Horsens Fjord - Kap Høgh
The ski journey through Horsens fjord to Kap Høgh will be on the sea ice. On the way there will be a short stop at a geothermal spring, where wildlife is often seen. Continue to Kap Høgh, where you will find a comfortable cabin, which you are free to use. (please note: All cabins in the area are open for public use, and in some cases the cabin needs to be shared with other guests).    
Day 4: Kap Høgh
This day will be a day for resting and/or exploring the near by area. It will be possible do go for short dog sled trip with your local guide, were you get a better chance to observe how the greenlandic hunters handle their dogs. You can also hike up the nearby mountain for a good view of the surrounding area. Or perhaps you decide to simply relax inside, with a good book, enjoying the warm and cosy atmosphere of the cabin. 
Day 5: Kap Høgh – Lillefjord
Continue south to Lillefjord. At the entrance of the fjord, there is a small cabin, which is a good place to stop for shelter. As this is the outer coast, there is a good chance to spot polar bears or tracks made by a passing bear. The dogs will warn of any bear activity close to the cabin.
Day 6: Ittoqqortoormiit
Crossing from Lillefjord to Ittoqqortoormiit. This route will lead you passed a glacier-front, where you can easily see how the glacier is making it's slow decent from the mountains into Lillefjord. Afterwards you will have a steep hill to go up (short), and gradually make your way over this mountain pass.  When reaching the top, you will be presented with a fantastic view of Scoresby Sund fjord and down towards Ittoqqortoormiit village, where a hot shower and a meal awaits you! The final leg of the trip is an easy decent. 
Day 7: Free Day
There’s plenty of time both to relax at the guesthouse and to walk around the village. You can shop in the local supermarket, buy souvenirs and post cards at the tourist office and take a look at the church and the museum.
Day 8: Departure to Constable Point by helicopter and flight back to Iceland.

Polar Bears are not strangers to this part of the world. When you decide to go off on your own, please let someone know about your programme, and at all times carry signal flares when walking alone. They can be purchased at the KNI store.


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