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Greenland is not only our destination, but a country that we love and travel ourselfe since 1993. We are the only organisation that has circumnavigated Greenland.  We did it in a Twin-Otter airplane in the year 2000. Our many years of experience in Greenland enables us to plan and organise all kinds of expeditions and group tours. We can help with logistics, flights and all local services in Greenland, for example:

  • Ski-Touring expedition
  • Dogsledging expeditions
  • Kayaking expeditions

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Ella Island





In Year 2000 Nonni Travel organized a circumnavigation of Greenland by air, this being the first attemp ever made to circumnavigate the island. The whole trip took 21 days, including a couple of days delay due to weather in North Greenland.

A group of 9 tourists, 2 pilots and 1 Nonni Travel staff flew with Air Iceland's Twin Otter aircraft from Iceland. The first Greenlandic airport of this circumnavigation was Kulusuk in Ammasalik district on East coast of Greenland where all passengers arrived on 1st July in order to start the journey the day after. Making its way south around the island and then along the western coast of Greenland the last point of civilization was Qaanaaq. From there the trip continued to the north and further along east coast of Greenland toward Ittoqqortoormiit village with the last stop on the way before returning to the starting point in Kulusuk and heading back for Iceland. 

Click to check out pictures from this first Circumnavigation of Greenland in 2000



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