Narsarsuaq & Igaliku

Visting the historical sights and beauties of nature in South Greenland

Narsarsuaq & Igaliku

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Qooroq Icefjord

Tour ID: GS31

Experience amazing South Greenland on a 4-day getaway from Iceland. South Greenland is famous for its Norse history and blue icebergs, and you can easily reach both from the airport in Narsarsuaq. Explore the historic site of Brattahlid, the place where the Viking Eric the Red settled, and discover why he named it Greenland! On the last day, we take you on an unforgettable boat ride into the Qooroq Ice Fjord, where 200,000 tons of ice calves from the glacier front every day.


  • Narsarsuaq - the gateway to South Greenland
  • Sailing through Erik's fjord
  • Igaliku village (Gardar)
  • Qassiarsuk (Brattahlid)
  • Boat tour in Qooroq ice fjord
  • Icebergs and glaciers

Saturdays,  22 June - end September 2018

Tour duration: 4 days/3 nights

OPTION 1  (GS31A): 2 nights in Igaliku / 1 night in Narsarsuaq:

Cabin with shared facilities in Igaliku & double/twin room with private facilities in Narsarsuaq
Price per person: 
EUR 2.090
Single supplement EUR 215
Additional night dbl/twin room: EUR 100

In double/twin room with shared facilities at both locations
Price per person: 
EUR 1.995
Single supplement EUR 155
Additional night dbl/twin room: EUR 75


OPTION 1 (GS31A): Overnight in Igaliku and Narsarsuaq

Day 1:
Depature of flight Reykjavík Domestic Airport- Narsarsuaq, arriving early afternoon
Check-in time is at least 2 hours before flight departure from Keflavik international airport.
Transfer to your accommodation at Hotel Narsarsuaq where you stay overnight.

Day 2:
Boat transfer to Qassiarsuk situated across the fjord from Narsarsuaq. Today sheep farmers are working on exactly the same land as the Viking Eric the Red chose for his settlement more than 1000 years ago.
Walk through the village, that beautifully links together old history and modern living, and visit the museum Brattahlid - the replica of Thjodhild's Church and a Norse longhouse.
After the time in Qassiarsuk board the boat for transfer to Itilleq. From the harbour there is a 4-km hike along the "King's Road" (named after the Danish King Frederik 9th's visit in 1952) to Igaliku village. The hike is easy, but you can also get a ride with the car which is transporting your luggage. Igaliku is one of the most beautiful villages in Greenland! The colourful houses are situated in a green bay with luscious grassland. On the other side of the fjord towers the landmark Illerfissalik (Burfjeld) in a rough and desolate landscape.
Accommodation at Igaliku Country Hotel for 2 nights.

Day 3:
Free time to explore the surroundings: Igaliku (also known as Gardar) was the Episcopal seat during the Norse period, and the ruins from that time are very impressive. In 1782 Anders Olsen and his Greenlandic wife Tuperna established themselves as farmers and that was the beginning of Igaliku's newer history. There is a small museum in the church, which is worth visiting. Today the village thrives from sheep farming. You have a possibility for an optional day hike (15-20 km) up to the Plateau, from where you get a superb view of the Qooroq Ice fjord, the stranded icebergs and the enormous glacier at the head of the fjord. It is the perfect place for a picnic!

Day 4:
Departure from Igaliku. By the King's Road return to Itilleq (luggage transported by car) from where the boat will take you to Narsarsuaq from where you start on a guided boat trip to the Qooroq Ice Fjord, sailing amongst the icebergs towards the glacier. As we near the glacier, the boat engine is stopped, so you can enjoy the view in silence before we return to Narsarsuaq.
12:20 -  the flight for Iceland departs from Narsarsuaq, arriving at RKV airport 16:45.



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Please note: Schedules may change in case of unfavourable weather conditions

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