Nuuk - The Smallest Capital in the World

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Nuuk - The Smallest Capital in the World

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Duration: 4 days /3 nights

Nuuk (or Godthb) is the capital and largest city of Greenland. It is located at the mouth of the Nuup Kangerlua (or in Danish "Godthbsfjorden") inlet on the west coast of Greenland, about 240 km south of the Arctic Circle. The population of this smallest capital in the world is about 15,000.


  • Nuuk, capital of Greenland
  • Parliament, city hall, national museum
  • Boat trip to the stunning fjord Nuup Kangerlua, fishing village of Kapisillit
  • Boat trip to Qooqqut and a delicious dinner in awe-inspiring natural landscapes

All year 2018: June - October: Fridays; after 29th November: Mondays

Price per person from: EUR 2.800
Single supplement: EUR 470

* Flights Reykjavk - Nuuk - Reykjavk
* Airport taxes
* 3nights hotel accommodation, double room with private facilities including breakfast
* Airport taxi transfers
* City walk sightseeing tour
* Icefiord boat tour including lunch
* Boat tour to Qooqqut

Pre/post nights in Reykjavk not included and can be added upon request.

Discount may apply on some departure dates, depending on lower airfare availability.

Day 1:
Midday flight from Reykjavk to Nuuk, departing around noon and arriving to Nuuk between 13:00 and 15:00 (departure time varies on different dates, flight duration: 3 hours 20 minutes).
Check in for your flight at Reykjavik domestic airport starts 90 minutes before flight departure
Upon arrival in Nuuk transfer to hotel where you stay for 3 nights.

Departing at 16:00 from the National musuem on a 3-hour walk you will be able to soak up the past and the present of daily life in Nuuk and learn about Greenland's diverse and fascinating culture.
Stops will be made at the Parliament and City Council where you will discover how the daily life is shaped by the political decisions made here.

Day 2 :

Icefiord boat tour including lunch
Exposed to the awe-inspiring nature around you, the tour begins with an open boat journey to the bottom of the stunning fiord Nuup Kangerlua. During the tour you will pass mountains which are more than 1660 metres high.
You will be able to see vertical rock walls that display different layers of solidified magma which was sent up from deep within the Earth as our planet morphed into its stunning present-day form.
After approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes you will reach an area near Kapisillit, a small fishing and hunting village. From here there is a hike that will take approximately 45 minutes in rather flat terrain. This is not a strenuous hike and is taken at a slow and easy pace. The oldest person who did this hike in 2012 was 73 years old, so put your mind at ease that you wont be scaling sheer cliff faces! On completion of the hike you will be rewarded by a fantastic view over the ice fiord of Nuuk. Within the fiord you will be able to view the amazing ice floes as far as the eye can see. The view is spectacular, with the white colour against the turquoise sea creating a visual memory you will never forget.
After the hike to the ice fiord it is time to return to the boat and travel a short 10-minute journey to the settlement Kapisillit. You will get to spend an hour in a local home where the host will offer you coffee and home backed cakes, here you will get the chance to meet the locals in their own suroundings.
After the stop in Kapisillit the boat takes you back to Nuuk, with the return journey taking around 2.5 hours.
Tour duration 8 hrs.

Day 3:
Boat tour to Qooqqut with unforgettable dining
Departing from Nuuk at 17:00 via open boat provides the perfect opportunity to take in the marvellous natural beauty around you. During the boat journey in the Nuuk fjord you will have the chance to see some spectacular wildlife.
Perhaps a whale will raise its tail like a friendly greeting or a cheeky seal will survey you curiously from the water or whilst it lounges on the shore.
After an hour the boat will arrive at Qooqqut where you will have around 2.5 hours to enjoy delicious food in the Qooqqut Nuan restaurant. Situated in an isolated location, the restaurant is surrounded by an awe inspiring natural landscape as far as the eye can see.
The trip can be combined with an hour of fishing before arriving at the restaurant and your catch can then be brought to the restaurant where the chef will prepare it as the main course. However, before the fish is delivered to the chef you will need to chop it up in preparation for use. Our guide will show you how to do this and you can take pride in the fact that not only are you eating your own catch but you have learned a valuable preparation skill in the process.
After you have savoured a fabulous meal, at 20:30 the boat will depart back to Nuuk, with an expected arrival time of 21:30.

Morning free.
Around noon transfer to Nuuk airport and check in for flight to Iceland, departing early afternoon. Arrival at Reykjavik domestic airport in the evening.

Note: Departure from Reykjavk domestic airport.
Flight schedules may change due to unfavorable weather or ice conditions.

Infomation about Nuuk
The city is commonly known as Godthb in Danish, although since home rule was enacted in 1979, the official name of the city is the Greenlandic name Nuuk. It is also the administrative seat for the municipality of Nuuk, which encompasses about 100,000 km (39,000 square miles) of land.
In January of 2006, Nuuk joined with four other municipalities which gives it a collective area of 635,000 square kilometers, thus making it one of the largest municipalities in the world by size of the area of land.

The site of the city has a long history of different cultures: first inhabited by the ancient Inuit people known as the Saqqaq culture around 2000 B.C., later by Viking explorers in the 10th century, and shortly thereafter by Inuit peoples. The Inuit and the Vikings lived together in this area from around 1000 A.D. until around 1500 A.D., when human habitation suddenly stopped, most likely due to change in climate and vegetation.

The city was founded in 1728 by the Norwegian missionary Hans Egede, and given the name Godthb (Good Hope). However, Hans Egede had arrived at a place he called Colony of Hope close to the already existing Inuit population living in Kangeq. At that time, Greenland was a Norwegian colony under the Dano-Norwegian Crown, but the colony had not had any contact with Norway proper for more than two centuries.
Today, Nuuk, like the rest of Greenland, is populated by Inuit and Danes.

Nuuk is the place where the new and the old meet in their unique Greenlandic fashion. A short walk from the colonial harbour with its beautiful old buildings brings you to the board, where the days catch of seal, birds and fish is sold. Other attractions in the town include the award-winning cultural venue Katuaq, Greenlands University, the cathedral from 1849 and the National Museum, where you can spend hours learning about Greenlands ancient history.

Outside Nuuk is a major fjord system, which is particularly well-suited to ocean-going attractions. Whale safaris are organised that enable you to get close to the many humpback and minke whales, which from early summer to the onset of autumn frequent the waters just outside the town. In addition, helicopter trips to the ice sheet and Norse ruins are popular combination excursions, as are visits to settlements by boat. Also recommended is a visit to the art museum and the city council chamber, which is decorated by large tapestries with motifs from Greenlandic culture and nature.

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