Lake Mżvatn and Gošafoss

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Lake Mżvatn and Gošafoss


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Lake Myvatn

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This tour to one of the loveliest spots in Iceland focuses on the most attractive features of the area with numerous volcanic phenomena. The drive along the coast of Eyjafjöršur provides us with a splendid view of Akureyri and the moutains surrounding the fjord.


  • Panoramic views of Akureyri and Eyjafjöršur
  • Gošafoss waterfall
  • Pseudo-craters at Skśtustašir
  • Lava maze of Dimmuborgir
  • Grjótagjį fissure
  • Hverir solfataras at Nįmaskarš
  • Nature Baths geothermal lagoon

Departures: Daily 2018

Tour duration: 6-7 hours
Departure time: 09:00 (other departure times - 09:30 or 11:00 - for cruise ship passengers)

Price per person: ISK 18.000,-
Children 1 - 12 years: 50% discount

Price includes: transportation and guidance

Not included: entrance fee to the Nature baths and refreshments



The tour heads off North along the East coast of Eyjafjöršur which offers a panoramic view of Akureyri. We cross the Vikurskard-pass and along the valleys of Fnjóskadalur and Ljósavatnsskard, where you can clearly see the influence of the ice age glaciers.
We make a half hour stop at the waterfall of Gošafoss, famed not only for its beauty, but also as the scene of historical events from the saga times.
By noon we arrive at Lake Mżvatn, famous for its combination of natural beauty and unique ecology. We begin by driving to the farm of Skśtustašir, named after a saga hero. Today, however, Skśtustašir is better known for its unusually regular pseudo craters which are among the best known in the world.From here there is a good view of Lake Mżvatn and, in clear weather, of some of the mountains in the central highlands. Here we make a midday break with the possibility of buying lunch at the restaurant.
From here we drive along the south side of the lake to Dimmuborgir (Dark Castles), a spectacular maze of strange lava structures, covered with surprisingly lush vegetation. Our next stop is at Grjótagjį, a fissure with underground warm water caves. They were a popular bathing place until the water became too hot as a result of the Krafla fires in the 1970s.
We proceed to the Hverir solfataras (boiling sulphur mudpits) at Nįmaskarš, these being some of the most spectacular in the country. 
A stop is also made at the outdoor Nature Baths near the lake and here you get enough time to soak in the warm, geothermal waters of the beautiful lagoon.
After the stop at Nature Baths we return to Akureyri.

Remember to bring along your swimsuit and towel (rental available at the spa) if you wish to relax at the Nature Baths (


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