Fly fishing in Northern Iceland

Half day and full day guided fly fishing tour possibilities in Northern Iceland

Fly Fishing in North Iceland


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Fly fishing in Ólafsfjįršarį river

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Tour duration: 
half day tour up to 6 hours

In cooperation with Iceland Trout Adventures we offer guided fly fishing tours in Northern Iceland. Our guides grew up fishing in the amazing arctic waters and are eager to share their expertise in the wide range of fly fishing techniques to land the trout, the arctic char and the salmon.

Our daily fishing tours in North Iceland take place on rivers in the surrounding area of Akureyri. Anglers will have the opportunity to fish for Arctic char, Brown Trout and Sea trout.
All our tours start in the town Akureyri, hotel pick up is available. 


  • Surroundings of Akureyri
  • Nature of Eyjafjöršur and North Iceland
  • Fly fishing
  • Clean arctic fishing rivers
  • Chance to catch trout, salmon, arctic char

Departure: Daily from 1st April - 15th October 2018

Price per person: ISK 40.000

Minimum 2 persons

Half day fishing tour:
You will be picked up at your hotel or guesthouse and transported to a river or lake that suits your skills and interests. The tour duration is up to 6 hours.
Price includes: half day fishing tour with guide, transportation, fishing gear and fishing licence


Arnarvatnsį and Helluvašsį (A&H):
These two rivers are an excellent choices if you are looking for fishing in small streams and rivers, partly fed by the Laxį river in the Mżvatn area and Lake Arnarvatn. A&H are fantastic for dry fly fishing and to fish upstream with nymphs.

Stašartorfa, Mślatorfa and Presthvammur:
The fishing beats are located below the dam on Laxį river about 1 hour's from Akureyri. The average trout weight is about 2 lbs. Fly only, one fish for the table.

Svartį in Bįršardalur:
The river is situated in the northern highlands, about 1½ hour drive from Akureyri and offers a gorgeous trout water. Svartį has a high percentage of Brown trout in the 3-6 lbs category. The river has the tradition of being fly only.

The river runs north through the beautiful valley of Eyjafjöršur and joins with the ocean just outside Akureyri. It is renowned for its big Arctic char but you can also expect to find Sea trout and the occasional salmon.

An char river in the Eyjafjöršur district. The catch consists mainly of fine Arctic char, 1½–3 lbs, but few Sea trout and Brown trout are caught every year as well.

A char river divided into two fishing beats, each with two rods. The mainstay of the catch is Arctic char, but occasionally salmon is caught as well.


A popular lake in Žingeyjarsżsla district, about 30 to the east of Akureyri. The char is usually ½ -1½  lbs. but the trout can be bigger, or up to 5 lbs. Although the fish caught on a rod in this lake is usually quite small, it is well attended and very suitable for families.

The lake is located in the Reykjadalur valley about 1 hour drive from Akureyri to the east.  The catch consists mostly of Arctic char, but also of Brown trout.

A lake located in Sušur-Žingeyjarsżsla district, in North-eastern Iceland. Both Brown trout and Arctic char can be caught in the lake. The Brown trout has its origins in Laxį in Žingeyjarsżsla and can be quite big.

A nice char lake in Öxnadalur valley located in the with beautiful surroundings with the backdrop of the impressive Hraundrangi peak. The drive from Akureyri takes 30 min. to the farm where we park and requires about 40 min. walk to reach the lake.

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