Day tour to Grimsey Island on the Arctic Circle

A multiday option for a visit to Grimsey Island with ferry, flight or combination.

Grimsey on the Arctic Circle

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Bird-rich Island grimsey in north of Iceland

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Tour duration: Summer: 2 days /1 night or longer;
Winter trips are possible please contact us for further details.

More than 40 km North of the mainland of Iceland lies Grímsey, the island of 5,3, green and grassy on the top, but on the sides largely fortified with perpendicular rocks. Grímsey Island is also the only point of Iceland crossed by the Arctic Circle.
An old legend tells that once upon a time the island was only inhabited by trolls and giants, until they were slain by a man called Grímur. However, he took the daughter of one of them for a wife and the islanders are said to be their descendants. Whether that be true or not, the islanders are known for their hardiness as fishermen - which is surely a requirement on this isolated arctic island mentioned in many old sources. In the past, Grimsey was renowned as an inexhaustible source of eggs and birds, and for rich fishing banks around the island.


  • Grímsey Island
  • Crossing the Arctic Circle
  • Bird cliffs with puffins and other sea birds
  • Glimpse into life in a fishing village on a remote island
  • stay overnight at the Arctic Circle
  • Scenic views of Eyjafjörður

You can choose between flight both ways, ferry both ways or combination of ferry and flight. On Grímsey Island the only type of accommodation available is in guesthouse with shared facilities.

Please contact us for price and available options on your preferred date.


One possibility for a 2-day itinerary:

Day 1 (Monday, Wednesday or Friday):
Early morning transfer to Dalvík where you board the ferry to Grímsey Island. Upon arrival check in at guesthouse. In the afternoon you can use the time to exlore the village or walk towards the airport and across the Arctic Circle to the bird cliffs. It is possible to arrange for evening meal at the guesthouse.

Day 2 (Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday):
Breakfast at the guesthouse. Some more free time to explore or enjoy the tranquility of the island. At 11:00 departure of the flight to Akureyri.

It is also possible to extend the stay on the island for one night or more and return either by flight or ferry, depending on the day of return travel.

People often visit this northernmost Icelandic settlement in order to set foot across the Arctic Circle. However, Grímsey has a number of other things to offer. Early in the summer, observing the midnight sun on the island can be an unforgettable experience. On the West coast there are beautiful coves, lined with basalt columns and skerries. The East coast boasts  100 m high sea cliffs, where egg-collecting from the cliffs is still practised. Conditions for bird-watching are unique, the cliffs during the summer months are covered in nesting sea birds such as puffins, razorbills, guillemots, fulmars and kittiwakes. On the grassy parts of the island, one must walk with care to avoid treading on the numerous tern's nests and young chicks.
The island has a church, swimming pool, small grocery store, local handicrafts shop, ATM and two guesthouses.

In good weather the travel to and from the island offers impressive views of the mountains on both sides of Eyjafjörður, whether you decide to take the sea or the air route from Akureyri.

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